Our Why

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Our Why

What is the difference that distinguishes a “want” from a “need?” Well to me a “want” is only a desire and a “need” is a fact.

With that in mind…

What is the next big thing in roller skating? Is it rink skating? Maybe its roller derby? You know it can even be Ramp and Vert skating on roller skates (Aggressive Skating)… ohhh wait that is already happening. Have you heard of Chicks in Bowls? If not, you might want to check out these sexy ass chicks!

They look sexy; their personality is righteous, to say the least. Best of all, they are on roller skates doing tricks most dicks won't even think about doing on skates.

Well after learning about this new style of skating and falling in love with a woman who lives the life, I found myself wanting to skate like her. This is where I found the problem.

There are no skates for this style of skating to use on the market - straight out of the box. For the most part, you have to build your own custom park skates. Well, what if I want to just buy a pair and start skating in a bowl or ramp park, well dude or dudet your out of luck. So, I am going to bring a skate for this type of skater to the market.

I am now in talks with several people who know a thing or two on this style of skating and building skates.

It is now my goal to have this skate on the market by January 2018. 

In closing I believe that it's a fact that this style of skating is ready to grow to the next level. I would love to help make that happen, I just need your help!

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Thanks for reading.

Stay Saucy Skaters,


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