They Could Not Believe It!

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They Could Not Believe It!

So yes it is true… I am in the process of bringing the first Top of the Line Aggressive Roller Skate to the market. But, that is just part of my plan. What I want to do is bring this community together, and we all take it to the next level. Here is my Big Idea…. why can’t the CIB community host competitions? I mean I look at these sexy ladies doing some killer ass skating, and there is no way to know who is the best skaters. I think to myself, why not the best skaters make some money doing it. That’s how I can help… I would love to sponsor skaters and write some checks to the top skaters. The only way to do this is to have the funds available. That is why I started Saucy Skate Shop, and in turn, has lead to the creation of the BEST Aggressive Roller Skate on the market. Some have asked how can I say it will be the best skate on the market if it is not even a tangible item yet? To them and everyone, I say this… It will be the best skate on the market because it will be built with the thoughts of the skaters who are in the community. I have already spent hundreds of hours speaking with and researching the skates that are used currently. I have heard of the items that regularly break and some of the elements that are a must with an aggressive roller skate. My goal is that a percentage of all sales that are generated will be put into a fund that will allow me to pay skaters who want to make this their life career.

I can see the CIB community hosting competition globally, and I hope to be there to help grow this desire of mine.

Making Roller Skating Rad Again,

Saucy Skate Shop
Miami, Fl.

“Skating is MY Lifestyle!” – Raymond Charron

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