Sponsorship Info

Saucy Skate Shop is always looking for Saucy Skaters to sponsor. We have several sponsorship programs to help fit each level of a potential sponsee.

When we are selecting our sponsees, we always complete an in-depth study of who they are and what they can bring to the table. It is with this information that we use to present our offer. With most brands, there is no research done which leads to a sour relationship and sponsorship. It is our goal to partner with like-minded people.

Areas that we will go over during the vetting process include but are not limited to:

  1. Relationship – Do you have an existing relationship or connection with the Saucy Skate Shop?
  2. Objectives – Do you fit with the marketing objectives of Saucy Skate Shop?
  3. Audience – How closely do you share a common target audience with Saucy Skate Shop?
  4. Competition – Are you currently sponsored by any other skate related brand in your area?
  5. Attributes – How closely do the attributes of what you have to offer match or complement that of the Saucy Skate Shop? E.g sophisticated, smart, loud, family orientated, original.
  6. Geography – Where are you located and how far is your potential reach? E.g. National, state, region, city, district, suburb.
  7. Comfort – How comfortable are you in being sponsored? Do you have a strong sponsorship history?
  8. Size – How big is your audience of followers? Face 2 Face, Facebook, Instagram, Ect.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsored ambassador of Saucy Skate Shop, please take a minute to fill out the form below by clicking on the link here.

Sponsorship Compatibility Form